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Town of Piney. Population 5,634. 

Roadside Pallet Artwork. 

The Gravel Path. 

4 months ago my mom was diagnosed with colon cancer.

She underwent chemo all during the summer. 

The Doctors told her that her tumor could be potentially be removed. 

She went to Houston of August the 13th. 

Her Surgery was on the 15th. 

This past weekend I went to Houston to see her after her surgery. 

As I was catching a bus to the hospital I saw this on the bus stop cover. 

Her surgery went as successful as possible is what the doctor said. 

Today she was told she was 100% cancer free. 

Thank You God and MD Anderson. 

Don’t usually do black and whites, but I think this one kind of fit. 

In flight.

Flight to Houston #FirstFlight

Nicole Chandler Outtakes. 

Nicole Chandler. 

Nicole Chandler. 

Memphis, TN. 


Nicole Chandler. 

Memphis, TN. 


Brady Anderson. 

Senior Session 

The Lovely Ms. Nicole Chandler. 

Bell Buckle, Tennessee

Bell Buckle, Tennessee. 


Life at it’s simplest.