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Picking Flowers. 

The Lovely Ms. Nicole Chandler. 

Bell Buckle, Tennessee

Bell Buckle, Tennessee. 


Life at it’s simplest. 


It’s not the photo, it’s the journey. 

Reel Classy. 

Got two used B800s off of craigslist this past week. Can’t wait to break them in and take some shots.

I never really understood the power of strobes in photography until I started working with a professional in my hometown this summer. He has completely altered my perception on photography and the workflow behind it. By utilizing strobes correctly he is able to shoot rain or shine and make it look however he pleases. After working there two months, I could no longer resist the urge to purchase some strobes and see what I can do. Be on the look out for new stuff!!

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Eat More Watermelon. 


Suck it. 

Mrs. Beth Amonett.

Todd Jones. 

Freedom at 700mph. 

Asker gianeduard Asks:
I've been viewing your blog for hours and I can't get enough of it. I mean, wow! You're 17 yet you're so talented and amazing!! We're the same age but.. wow you are amazing. :) Consider me your fan! Haha!
sawyer-jones-photography sawyer-jones-photography Said:

Thanks for the kind words Gianeduard! Your art is quite good as well. Keep up the good work.  

   - Sawyer Jones